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Founded in 1999 by the regions leading New York Office Space firms, our mission is to create New York City’s leading network of high-quality, low cost serviced office space located in central business districts. We differentiate ourselves from our NY office space competitor's with our expertise in design, technology and services and we offer all-inclusive prices for our services to attract new and established businesses.

Our market research on NY office space has shown that our competitor's rates are not in sync with current economic conditions and simply overpriced. Most of these companies charge separately for basic business services and these costs can add significantly to the total cost of running a business. Empire Offices pricing includes rent, digital telephones, NY area code telephone numbers, and voice mail with remote access, broadband internet connections, unlimited local calls and complimentary access to Empire Meeting Rooms, Empire Break Rooms and Empire Community Workstations. Empire Offices’ Manhattan office space locations4 offer an alternative to the high rates offered by many traditional executive office centers and national brands. Above all, our spaces set a new standard in the New York office space market by offering up-scale work environments&mbsp without the high costs typically associated with executive office suites.

The global trend has been for organizations, ranging from start-ups to multinationals, to switch to the structured outsourcing of their office accommodation requirements. Empire Offices delivers first-rate New York office space & business accommodations, priced very attractively for your business.

New York Office Space Management

Kieran Aylward
Senior Vice President

Kieran Aylward leads the Empire Offices team and oversees all aspects of the company operations, including sales, marketing and business development. Aylward has been involved with the management of serviced office spaces in New York since 1999.

Greg Sattler
Director of Group Operations

Greg Sattler runs the daily operations of Empire Offices. He directs the Empire Office team and develops new services and products to enhance the experience of current clients. Sattler has been with Empire Offices since July 2004.

Carmel Kashani
Executive Vice President

Carmel Kashani is a co-founder of Empire Offices. He started the company in 1999 with one location and has since overseen the growth of Empire Offices. Kashani has extensive experience in New York real estate and holds an extensive property portfolio in the metropolitan New York area.